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Madoff curse? Bernie’s cronies Frank DiPascali and Maurice ‘Sonny’ Cohn both dead

Call it the “Madoff curse.”

Frank DiPascali, finance chief for Bernard Madoff who cooperate with the federal government, died this past week (of lung cancer) before he could be sentenced for enabling the biggest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history. He was 58.

Kudos to my old friend JB “Fake Bernie” for pointing on his blog how Ponzi schemer Madoff’s mastermind fundraiser Maurice ‘Sonny’ Cohn also died recently.

For whatever inexplicable reason, the SEC didn’t charge Sonny Cohn or his daughter Marcia B. Cohn — although they were paid roughly $98 million over ten years to bring in unsuspecting victims to financial ruin.

According to several private lawsuits, father and daughter Cohn were among the only non-Madoff folks to have keys to Madoff’s secret 17th floor offices. (Read this suit by the Sonking family filed against sonny and marcia cohn). That’s the 17th floor where $20 billion investor cash disappeared.

Marcia, did you sell your pad in East Hampton because of the smell of blood money?

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