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Gaddafi Turned Down Both Madoff AND Allen Stanford Ponzi Scammers

Is there some underworld hot spot where all the bad guys meet, greet and trade investing ideas? I’m picturing Gordon Gekko/Dr. Evil/Dr. Strangelove getting mani-pedis….

As if the Middle Eastern situation weren’t bizarre enough, it turns out Libya’s Gaddafi regime turned down an offer from two major Ponzi schemers– Bernie Madoff AND Allen Stanford–to invest in their “exclusive” funds.

Courtesy of Wikileaks on the British paper Telegraph’s web site, you can read how Libya’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, the LIA, was approached by both criminal masterminds to manage a portion of the country’s $32 billion in assets. Bizarro world.



One response

  1. There is an idea to bring down unwanted regimes. A modern day “Trojan Horse” so to say.

    February 25, 2011 at 8:43 am

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